Muhammad Rizwan-ul Haque

I am making a humble endeavor to present a new economic model and how the existing system can be converted into the new one; by primarily taking guidance from Quran & Sunnah. It is very unfortunate that the prevailing economic system and (a) its involvement with interest (b) acquisition of major portion of funds (thru leveraging) by rich entrepreneurs, companies and governments and (c) the banking system (both Islamic and otherwise) are root cause of economic anomalies all around the world. The above factors result in giving birth to social evils like; carjacking, kidnapping, target killing and also terrorism etc, because the masses are compelled to make compromise on their principles on economic grounds. If we want to eradicate economic issues like; inflation, unemployment, poverty etc and if we want to establish harmony amongst all sections of societies. Then we have to seriously think beyond the prevailing ordinary economic system, which is falling apart and its only political & financial might, which is keeping it together.

I am an MBA from ‘Institute of Business Administration - Punjab University, Lahore’ with a major in finance and have around 25-years of experience in the financial sector. My areas of interest & expertise are; corporate restructuring, revival of companies, dispute resolution, negotiations and Islamic economic system. I have actively remained involved in establishing new entities in financial sector; including an Islamic Bank and a family Takaful company. I am a director and elected (founding) Chairman of Dawood Family Takaful Ltd., which is making steady progress.